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The "Mali Gorzowiacy" Folk Dance Group


The "Mali Gorzowiacy" Folk Dance Group - Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland

  The "Mali Gorzowiacy" Folk Dance Groupwas established at the Youth Community Centre in Gorzow Wielkopolski in 1981.
One of the goals is to perform Polish folk dances and songs abroad. The "Mali Gorzowiacy" group looks for less known dances, tunes and couplets from different Polish regions. Experts from those particular regions consult the group when preparing the repertoire. While presenting the dances and songs of a particular region, the group tries to express their characteristic style, authenticity and old principles of folk art.
They have participated in many festivals in Slovakia, Germany, Russia, France, China, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Finland, Croatia, Turkey, Venezuela, Denmark, Cyprus, Belgium, Ukraine, Egypt, Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro, Portugal, Lithuania, and Hungary.


Art director: Krzystof Szupiluk, Maria Szupiluk

Zespół Tańca Ludowego "MALI GORZOWIACY"
Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury,
ul. Teatralna 8
66-400 Gorzów Wlkp

Phone +48 95 7201518
Phone/fax + 48 95 7228575
Mobile Phone 0 600 318 215
www: www.maligorzowiacy.gorzow.pl
email: zespol@maligorzowiacy.gorzow.pl,